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Careers’ Day

Which professional impressed you today? Why?

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ready steady bake

Can you visit this site in Education City and help Stig share his cakes using percentages?

It’s Ready Steady Bake

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Maths Surgery


IMG_0468 IMG_0472


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‘Big Sing Rehearsals and Performance

Big sing image


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The Great British Bake Off…Episode 2!

Well Year 5 have been very busy! Last week we made deliciously sumptuous bread rolls. Today, courtesy of The Kids’ Cookery School we were able to create our very own savoury muffins!cookery school logo

The children filled their muffins with cheese, spring onions. coriander, cayenne pepper, worcestershire sauce and a pinch of mustard powder. They did not add any salt and learnt the value of healthy eating. The children enjoyed the workshop led by Irene and I hope will recreate their own versions at home during the half term. Comment below to let me know how your muffins tastes! I will tell you mine was fabulous!

Check out the photos from today below.


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The Great British Bake Off!

Year 5 have been looking at instructional writing this week. At the beginning of the week we looked at various instructions and understand what makes a good set of instructions. I wonder if anyone can list the features in the comment section for some Dojo Points!

We then created a set of instructions for a Club Penguin Puffle.Club_Penguin_Puffle_Wallpaper_Puffle_Party_2013

Thursday came and it was time for the Year 5 Bake Off Challenge! Our task? To make 6 bread rolls. Take a look at our photos below.

Measuring flour measuring flour

Sifting is every exciting!

Sifting is every exciting!

Master measurers!

Master measurers!

The final product

The final product


Yummy yummy!

Yummy yummy!

We were able to practice using the imperative verbs we learnt about like; mix, sift, knead, put and pour. I can definitely see some budding future chefs in our class. The classroom smelt like a French  bakery, I know I enjoyed the learning this week. Did you? What was your favourite part of the learning this week? Let me know in the comment section!



Mrs Stewart.

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5 Sentence Challenge

 Here is a 5 Sentence Challenge

Below is a picture, I want you to see if you can create 5 sentences describing the setting, the girl and how she possibly got in the jar. You can also add in what happens next. 5 Class Dojo points for the best sentences. On your marks, get set, go!


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Hello Parents and Children,


I am excited to show you some more photos of our learning. In our R.E lessons we have learning about miracles. We are beginning to understand what a miracle is, how faith is seen in the Bible and that God can intervene when we are in trouble.

Our last lesson we role played the Bible story seen in Mark 4: 35-41calming seas

The children particularly enjoyed the role play, they understood the feeling of fright and fear that could be seen in the disciples and how amazed they would feel when Jesus would calm the seas. Can you guess the different emotions of the children from the pictures?


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Welcome to Year 5!

Hello Parents and Children!


Welcome to our blog, I hope you will enjoy visiting our blog to see regular updates about our exciting learning! We have been very busy recently. Our Literacy lessons have included children researching about Mayan gods and creating their own fact files. I wonder if the children can tell you about their favourite Mayan god? We have also been researching a famous explorer called Frederick Catherwood . We created biographies about the explorer, with the facts we researched using the iPads.


This week is maths investigation week!

Maths investigation learning

Maths investigation learning

PhotoGrid_1453811328404 (1)

This week we have been looking at problem solving, using the skills we have learnt in the Autumn and Spring term. Maths investigations allow the children to deepen their knowledge and understanding of key mathematical concepts. I wonder if anyone can explain why when you divide or multiply by a decimal the number does not always get bigger or smaller as we initially anticipated.

If you would like to complete some more challenges click this link.


Please leave comments, I am looking forward to interacting with you all!

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